TeckPortal is designed specifically for LoRaWAN - a revolutionary new technology for battery operated sensor networks.


LoRa is a wireless technology where low powered devices transmits small packages (0.3kbps - 5.5 kbps) to a receiver over a long distance ranging to several kilometers. LoRaWAN is a communication protocol and architecture on which LoRa operates and manages communcation between gateways and devices.

LoRaWAN Features

long range

Wireless & Large Range

LoRaWAN is a wireless communication protocol. And has a very large range up to 10Km. With this technology you can cover your entire organisation's area. This is especialy useful in large places like warehouses.

long range

Battery Powered

The LoRa based sensors which are connected to the TeckPortal are battery powered. Which allows installation of these devices anywhere irrespective of power source. Additionally, the battery lifetime of devices is up to 10 years which helps keeping the maintenance costs low!

long range


As an IT company we know how important security is. This is the reason why we have chosen LoRaWAN. The technology uses an industry standard end-to-end encryption to send data securely from the sensors to the gatways.


  LoRaWAN WLAN/Bluetooth Mobile
Battery life of typical devices Very long. 2-10 years Very short. A few months Short. Months
Range Very far. Even into cellars. 2 to 12 km Very short. Within a home. Up to 0.1km Far. Partly in cellars. 2km
Mobile contracts No
One Gateway for many homes. Needs internet access
A WiFi-Router per home SIM card + contract per device
Data bandwidth Very low
Enough for sensor data
Very high. Video streaming Medium. Audio streaming; partly video

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