The internet of things

The communication of physical objects between each other and with us people using the Internet is called „Internet of Things“ (IoT). The LoRaWAN technology is opening new possibilities for IoT applications. TeckPortal is using this exciting new technology to offer your organisation a all-in-one solution for software and hardware.


By operating your own gateway you are independent from the usual mobile network providers. Furthermore, LoRaWAN, the technology thats behind TeckPortal, is based on an open standard. This means that you will never rely on specific vendors.

Large Range

The so called LoRaWAN-Gateways have a very large range up to 10Km. With this technology you can cover your entire organisation's area. This is especialy useful in large places like cold storage houses.

Battery powered

The sensors which are connected to the TeckPortal are battery powered. This means that no cables are required which makes the instllation extremely simple. Additionally, the oustanding battery lifetime of up to 10 years keeps maintenance costs low!


As a software company we know how important it security has become today. This is the reason why we have chosen LoRaWAN. The technology uses an industry standard end-to-end encryption to send data securely from the sensors to the gatways.

Smart facility management

Make your facilities and more secure by equipping them with sensors. Intelligent sensors can help to protect you from burglary and fire or keep your energy and water consumption low by targeted management.

Cold-chain monitoring

Monitor your cold-chain facilities easily with TeckPortal. Battery powered sensor means quick and hassle-free installation for many years. And with the large of LoRaWAN, you'll reach every corner of your property!

Smart farming

Deploy sensors on fields or in your garden. Run irrigation systems intelligently based on data from sensors in line with the needs of plants, react to climatic conditions and use the collected data to enhance the fertility of plants.

The Portal
Accessible online - always and from everywhere

TeckPortal offers great features and uses a modern user interface to make using them a breeze.


Get the historical data visualized in clean and simple graphs.


Right from the beginning TeckPortal was made to look great, even on mobile devices.



TeckPortal helps you to prevent damage! When a device registers undesirable values a notification will be sent.

Projects and Teams

Create a project for each of your properties and collaborate in teams.

4 simple steps to TeckPortal


1. Buy a LoRaWAN device that our system supports
2. Attach the device to the object you want to monitor
3. Register your device with us
4. Make settings to determine how you want to use your data


That’s it, welcome to the IoT world!

*If a gateway is provided in your area.

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TeckPortal is designed specifically for LoRaWAN - a revolutionary new technology for battery operated sensor networks.



LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is a network that enables battery-driven sensors to transmit data independent of the mains supply. It is based on the open industry standard LoRA and uses a frequency range of around 868 megahertz. The advantages of this technology are wide range and low power consumption. Depending on the density of buildings around, the range of a gateway extends from 2km (urban areas) to 40 km (rural areas) and the low consumption enables batteries to live up to 15 years.


Devices and sensors

A device is a unit, equipped with one or more sensors, that periodically transmits sensor values via radio signal to LoRaWAN gateways. You can pair your devices with the gateways and the transmitted data gets stored, displayed and interpreted by TeckPortal. In TeckPortal you can then configure the kind of actions that are to be triggered based on this data, e.g. sending a notification per email.


  LoRaWAN WLAN/Bluetooth Mobile
Battery life of typical devices Very long. 2-10 years Very short. A few months Short. Months
Range Very far. Even into cellars. 2 to 12 km Very short. Within a home. Up to 0.1km Far. Partly in cellars. 2km
Mobile contracts No
One Gateway for many homes. Needs internet access
A WiFi-Router per home SIM card + contract per device
Data bandwidth Very low
Enough for sensor data
Very high. Video streaming Medium. Audio streaming; partly video


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